Becoming a BNI Arizona Member

Step One – Find a Chapter & Visit

The BEST way to start the process of becoming a member of BNI Arizona is to find a chapter or two or three to visit! We have 85+ to choose from, including two Spanish speaking chapters in Phoenix & Tempe.

While the agenda and format of every BNI Arizona chapter is consistent no matter the language, each chapter has its own personality.

You need to find a chapter that:

  1. Has your professional category available.*
  2. Suits your location.
  3. Meets at a day/time that fits your schedule.
  4. Has suitable potential power partners to help grow your business and theirs.
  5. You feel comfortable in!

What can you expect at your first visit? You can read all about that on our Find a Chapter page.

*One of the key benefits of BNI is that only one person from each professional specialty is allowed in each chapter, eliminating the possibility of competition with the chapter. When you join a chapter, you will be the sole representative in your field, enabling you to develop relationships with other members and become their go-to person for your services.

Step Two – Put in an App

When you find the chapter that you’re comfortable with, and that has your “seat” (professional category) available, you can either start the application process or visit a second time just to be sure. But remember, if other people in the same profession are visiting that chapter too, don’t delay or you may miss out! Visitors are permitted to visit a chapter twice before applying.

To begin the application process, you need to apply directly on the chapter’s unique BNI Arizona page – you can find the chapter list here. Be sure to select the correct chapter name, as some names are quite similar! On the chapter’s unique web page, select ‘Apply Now’ on the right-hand side, and complete the application! No payment is required to apply.

Step Three – Membership Interview

After you have submitted your application, someone from the chapter’s Membership Committee will reach out to review your application, schedule an interview, and contact the business references you included in your application. The interview is your opportunity to not only show why you would be a great addition to the chapter but to ask any questions about membership. Allow a week or two for this process to be completed. You may continue to visit the chapter as a visitor while your application is in progress - in fact we encourage it!

Step Four - Payment

If/when your membership is approved, you will be notified by your chapter and sent an automated email with instructions to complete your BNI Arizona payment.

The investment to join BNI consists of an application fee and a participation fee as shown below.

  • 1. Application Fee: $199
  • 2. Participation Fees:
    • Option 1. $899 for a one-year membership
    • Option 2. $1,599 for a two-year membership
    • Option 3. $3,499 for a five-year membership

Payment options will be explained to you in the communication that follows your approval. If you wish to amortize your payment over four, six, twelve or twenty four months, use this PayPal link

Step Five - Training

Congratulations! Once your payment has been processed and reconciled with your application, our admin team will add you to the chapter roster.

You will then receive instructions regarding the different training options that are available to you – some mandatory – to help you make the most of your investment in BNI. One of the great benefits of BNI is access to training materials to assist in your own personal and professional development.

The Steps to Growing Your Business Through Referrals!

Like anything in life, what you get out of a BNI membership will depend on what you put in to it. BNI is all about building relationships, developing trust, being present and visible to members of your chapter.  If you join BNI and put the time in to develop those relationships, you’ll discover there are countless benefits to joining BNI beyond these five:

  • Increase Business Prospects: You'll substantially increase your business through referrals.
  • Professional Development: You'll have access to our exclusive training programs and opportunities to sharpen your presentation and business skills.
  • Great Networking Opportunities: Your participation in up to 52 networking meetings per year will increase your exposure to many other business professionals in your community.
  • Build Your Own Resource Network: You will build relationships with trusted professionals in services you yourself will need in your personal or professional life. 
  • Exclusive Member Resources: You'll have access to a range of tools and educational materials on networking, public speaking, and business best-practices.


If you need help finding a chapter or completing your application, please email us, or call our BNI Arizona office at 602-788-1606.

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